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If you’re looking for high-quality hardwood flooring services, DM HARDWOOD FLOORS is the right choice.Our company specializes in hardwood floor installation, repair, and restoration, with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals. We only use premium materials and advanced techniques to ensure flawless results that meet your expectations.

Whether it’s installing new hardwood floors, repairing damages, or restoring old floors, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of quality. Our team works closely with clients, providing customized solutions to meet their specific needs and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Flooring Installation

Specializes in the installation and finishing. we can handle any flooring installation, including Oak Wood Floors,engineered floors, vinyl planks and  laminate flooring, and much more. Our experienced installers are dedicated to cover your needs and exceed your satisfaction.

Wood Flooring Refinish

When you have hardwood floors in your home, it is natural for them to wear out over time. This can happen as a result of furniture legs dragging across the surface causing scratches or heavy objects falling on the floor, causing the material to scratch. In DM Hardwood Floors , you know the best existing methods to disappear each one of imperfections in all types of floors.

Stairs & Rails

We can refinish your existing stairs & rails or install them new. Upgrade your interior with classic or contemporary rails to add the finishing touch to your makeover. Choose a wood & finish to accent your floors. Let us walk you through the planning process step by step !

Screen and Recoat

The procedure for hardwood floors is a cost effective method of fixing or revitalizing worn or dull floors. Instead of paying for a complete refinishing, Screening hardwood floors can be brought back to life, but don’t expect deep scratches and dings to be removed. The same holds true for removing paint that may have been splattered over the years. Frequent screen and coat applications can protect, postpone or eliminate the need for a complete refinishing at a later date.


Frequently Asked Questions

The average project is typically two to three days. The floor condition and its size can affect the lead time.

Finished floors should be dried within 24 hours for walking and gently placing furniture ( no dragging). Allow at least two days before placement of your rugs. The finish can be affected by cold temperatures, so make sure your house is climatized on the inside.

Please keep in mind that you cannot walk on the floor until they are completely dry, and it may or may not prevent you from staying home. Polyurethane emits an odor that some may find strong or unpleasant, and cracking windows may help with this problem.

We always treat your home as if it was our own. We know the head-aches of home improvement often include the mess construction can leave behind. We have the dust less system that prevents 98% of the dust. We secure the areas we are working to keep the others clean. Once the work is finished, we make a point of vacuuming and wiping down the dust created to help you with the final touch-up.

We offer both options, and the best option for you depends on what kind of floor we will work on, and if you leave home during the time, your flooring is getting recoated.
Oil-based looks better if you like the wood with more amber and also costs a bit less.
Water-based, on the other hand: dries faster, doesn’t smell as bad, is better for the environment.

Unfortunately, furniture moving is not a liability for us due to the fact we are not registered as a moving company, only as floor contractors; the best you can do is get quotes from your local movers, tell them what you are doing, and need an “In House Move.”

There are many varieties of stain; each floor takes the dye differently, so after our crew sand an area on your house, we can apply a sample with your three favorite colors to show on your floor how it is genuinely going to look like; in our experience, we have found that this is the best way to choose stain colors.

Choosing between engineered and real hardwood flooring can be a tough decision. Engineered floors are made from real wood, unlike laminate flooring. There are multiple layers manufactured, cross-bound, under heat and pressure, called ‘plies’. Engineered flooring can be less susceptible to symptoms of moisture and humidity then solid wood. Often, homeowners will opt for Engineered flooring for lower levels of the house, which are often damper spaces. Hardwood floors are milled entirely from real wood in a much simpler process. Real wood is often thicker than engineered, which can ensure the floors in your home survive longer and can be sanded and refinished more times. It is possible to sand and refinish Engineered flooring, depending on the thickness of the boards.

Pre-finished flooring has had its finish or veneer sprayed on by the manufacturer before installation. Un-finished wood floors are installed first and refinished after, allowing the owner to choose between more custom colors and finishes. Pre-Finished flooring will come in a variety of colors and textures but aren’t as customizable.

We have been doing our estimates for floor refinishing over the phone, by text, or by chat. Our customers love it because it’s easy, convenient, and saves everyone’s time. What you need is 10 min, measuring tape, and a calculator.
Measuring length x width determines the room’s square footage. Simply put…a 10’ x 10’ room = 100 sq feet.
We ask you to measure your floors the best you can, but don’t worry if you’re not 100% accurate. We will verify the measurements with you on the day of the job; most people are within 20 sq. feet.
Also, we may need you to snap pictures with your phone and send it to us. If you prefer, feel free to call us at 732-642-5258 to set up a free estimate in your home today!

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Fast, efficient, and honest, DM hardwood floors has become a reputable and well-known Flooring Service. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.

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